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a person who decides or influences what is or will become fashionable.

Inspired by and dedicated to all of the stylish influencers in my life, Tastemak-er was founded purely as a creative outlet for my day to day fun and fashion inspirations.

This little journey started on Instagram... scratch that, when I was born. No, I'm serious. Mom said that as soon as she got out of the hospital after having me, rather than going home, she took me to the mall for a stroll. Ever since I can remember, fashion was always my main interest. With amazing support from my family and friends, my Instagram presence has grown into not only a blog, but a lifestyle destination for all things fashion, beauty, fitness and food. A little bit of everything as I like to say. 

At the heart of every project that spurs my imagination lies an important question, what good does this do? Whether it's a smile, encouragement, inspiration or kindness, each project must have substance and purpose. I hope to help administer a movement for positive, style lovin' ladies and gents. 

To all my followers, I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you! You’re making this girl’s aspirations a reality. Who knows what’s next? 


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