a person who decides or influences what is or will become fashionable.

Inspired by and dedicated to all of the stylish influencers in my life, Tastemak-er was founded purely as a creative outlet for my day to day fun and fashion inspirations.

This little journey started on Instagram... scratch that, when I was born. No, I'm serious. Mom said that as soon as she got out of the hospital, rather than going home, she took me to the mall for a stroll. The feel and flow of fabric, the arch of a shoe, the craftsmanship of a bag, the shine of a banglethe artistry of fashion, it's what I enjoy. With amazing support from my husband, family and friends, my Instagram presence has grown into a blog and now store with my own jewelry collection. 

At the heart of every project that spurs my imagination lies an important question, what good does this do? Whether it's a smile, encouragement, inspiration or kindness, each project must be good. With 10% of all net profits from Shop Tastemak-er going to women's charities, I hope to help administer a movement for positive, style lovin' ladies and gents. 

To all my followers, I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you! You’re making this girl’s aspirations a reality. Who knows what’s next? 


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